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Pleasant Park Child Development CentersPleasant Park Child Development Centers
The Chatham Area's Premier Child Development Center
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  It is the philosophy of Pleasant Park Child Development Center to encourage and support each child as they grow to their full potential in all areas of development. Each child is a unique individual and will be treated as such, enhancing a positive self-concept and building a strong foundation for success in life. It is our responsibility to care for the whole child, recognizing the special characteristics of each. A child's interests and goals shall be considered, and activities shall be created to enhance their abilities.

It is also the philosophy of Pleasant Park Child Development Center to create a loving environment for each child. Recognizing that a child's first years are the most critical toward developing self-esteem and security, we will strive to provide a rich, warm and supportive environment in which the child may develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Kids playing at the Lego Center

Kids Playing Outside

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